Every family, every parent, and every baby is unique. I am committed to guiding you along YOUR sleep journey, whatever that looks like – no rigidity, no judgment. 

Hi! I'm Alanna


Here’s the thing: sleep is NOT black and white. 

Every family has different preferences, every baby is different, and there is no one size fits all.

So I chose my own path. I chose to do what worked for ME – not what I was “supposed” to do. And this is what I will always do as your sleep consultant. I will support you in the way that works for YOU. Absolutely no judgment ever – come as you are. My door is always open. 

Let’s get rid of the black and white thinking around baby & toddler sleep, and embrace the gray. 

You can still do some contact naps AND also work toward more independent sleep?

You can maintain a positive, nourishing breastfeeding relationship AND sleep train?

You can travel, live life, and maintain flexibility AND establish more consistency in your sleep routine?

You can work toward more consolidated, independent sleep in a way that works for YOU?

Did you know…



Great for parents who feel they need a little guidance and can take it from there.



Great for parents who are ready for more concrete, thorough support in facilitating calmer, more predictable, and more restful sleep for them and their child.


- Stephen, dad of Leo (6 months)

My wife and I recommend Alanna enthusiastically and without reservations. Our child had special early-life needs, and it was hard to feel like generic sleep advice was appropriate. While others told us that our sleep priorities were unrealistic, Alanna listened to our needs and helped us make a personalized, actionable plan that fit within other constraints from our child's care team. With Alanna's guidance and constant encouragement, we were able to get our child sleeping through the night and napping independently! Of all the child-health-related professionals we have interacted with, Alanna stands out as among the very best.

Read More Reviews Like this on my google reviews page

Read More Reviews Like this on my google reviews page

- Maya, mom of Lior (6 months)

"From DAY ONE, Alanna had my clingy baby taking long, independent naps in the crib. I was so relieved to quickly learn that I didn't need to change anything about him at all to help him get his best sleep. Alanna taught me to tune into his unique sleep needs to help him have great naps and nights and develop a rock-solid sleep foundation. Alanna fundamentally changed my life and my relationship with my baby, and I cannot recommend her enough.

- Elena, mom of Wyatt (3 years)

Sleep deprivation for parents is no joke. We were at the end of our rope when we reached out to Alanna for help with our 3 year old son who was taking 45 minutes of screaming to fall asleep and waking up multiple times a night. He was keeping not only my husband and I awake but keeping up our 5 year old and 9 month old. Alanna was kind and considerate and listened to our concerns and questions. She worked with us to develop an easy to execute plan for our son and kept with us for the entire two weeks. 14 days later and our son is sleeping through the night and taking only 5-10 minutes to fall asleep. We are so grateful for Alanna and her service. Highly recommend!

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- Robin, mom of Cora (6 years)

Seriously, hire Alanna. She's amazing! She gave us more than a personalized sleep plan, she gave us the confidence we needed to achieve success. Her thoughtfulness (she recorded a video for our 5-year-old daughter), loving approach, and consistent support were just what we needed. Our family is so grateful for her and yours will be too!

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- Nora, mom of Rory (5 months)

Alanna is a sleep superhero! Our 6 month old went from only sleeping while held and waking up every 15-30 minutes in the night to being able to fall asleep independently in his own crib! Despite two failed attempts at sleep-training on our own, she guided us with patience and expertise. Her accessibility and focus on our comfort made the process less daunting. We now feel more confident navigating any sleep challenges that come our way!

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- Jessica, mom of Dylan (4 months)

My time with Alanna was truly life changing. I reached out to her when I had gotten so far off track of my sleep goals with my kiddo I didn't know if I could possibly get us back on track. She walked along beside me always offering guidance while also supporting me as an expert on my own child at the same time. The skills fostered during our time working with Alanna continue to support healthy sleep and a happy life for everyone in our family each day.

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